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The Union Dutchmen face off against the Harvard Crimson in the ECAC Championship Final.

For more information about RPI TV's ECAC Championship broadcast, please read our press release.

RPI TV maintains a nearly complete online archive of all hockey games that we film, going back several years. Click here to go to our hockey archive.



Name Role
168 Reilly Hamilton ... Executive Producer
150 Kyle Mackenzie ... Producer
616 Caleb Hoffman ... Director
1116 Matt Peteritis ... Camera Operator
505 Ben Vreeland ... Camera Operator
433 Candy Lin ... Camera Operator
1113 Andrew Armenia ... Replay Operator
168 Reilly Hamilton ... Titles
168 Reilly Hamilton ... Audio Operator
150 Kyle Mackenzie ... Scoreboard
222 Rob Humphreys ... Production Assistant
493 492