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The RPI Engineers face off against the Colgate Raiders in the 35th Annual Big Red Freakout.

This "monster" production was broadcast live on Time Warner Cable Channel 1 in Albany and Time Warner Cable Sports 2 in Central NY. Featuring made-for-TV commentary (an RPI TV first!) by Tim Heiman and Kevin Broad, and intermission sideline reporting from Perry Laskaris. Check out the intermissions for interviews from Seth Appert, Shirley Ann Jackson, Ph.D, Timothy Sams, and Jim Knowlton. The intermissions also include further bonus content, so take a look!



Name Role
150 Kyle Mackenzie ... Producer
154 Tiffany Milano ... Director
1116 Matt Peteritis ... Camera Operator
505 Ben Vreeland ... Camera Operator
433 Candy Lin ... Camera Operator
616 Caleb Hoffman ... Camera Operator
623 James Wittel ... Camera Operator
1113 Andrew Armenia ... Replay Operator
160 James Petranik ... Audio Operator
534 Brett Saito ... Audio Assistant
168 Reilly Hamilton ... Titles
157 Jonathan Goldszmidt ... Production Assistant
264 Kenley Cheung ... Production Assistant
761 Will Kelly ... Production Assistant