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The RPI Engineers (1-5-0) face off against the Colorado College Tigers (3-0-0) in the second game of a two game, non-league series at the Houston Field House.

PLEASE NOTE: This production had several recording problems. The video dropped frames during capture, causing an abnormally jerky image and audio sync issues. We did our best to correct the audio sync issues, but commentary may drift a couple seconds from video at times.



Name Role
616 Caleb Hoffman ... Director
154 Tiffany Milano ... Director
1116 Matt Peteritis ... Camera Operator
505 Ben Vreeland ... Camera Operator
433 Candy Lin ... Camera Operator
154 Tiffany Milano ... Camera Operator
616 Caleb Hoffman ... Camera Operator
1113 Andrew Armenia ... Replay Operator
1113 Andrew Armenia ... Mostly Scoreboard
168 Reilly Hamilton ... A little bit of Scoreboard
168 Reilly Hamilton ... Titles
168 Reilly Hamilton ... Audio Operator
150 Kyle Mackenzie ... "Streaming Technician"