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The Advocacy, Community, & Advancement Committee has invited all of the people running for local office in Troy to a candidate forum in Mothers.

Why should you, as a student, care about local politics? I would encourage you to read the Top Hat in the Poly this week, but the core of the issue is that we, as students, are profoundly effected by politics here in Troy.

Whether you live off campus and therefore indirectly pay property taxes, or don't go off campus because of public safety concerns, you are impacted. If you would like to see a future Troy where you could get a job utilizing your unique skills or if you would like to start a business in Troy, you are impacted. If you are annoyed by the lack of parking or would like to see the city become more sustainable, you are impacted.

This forum is open to the public, but will primarily be focused on the future of the relationship between RPI and Troy.

This event is sponsored by the Student Senate. The use of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute facilities for this event does not constitute an endorsement by the university. RPI does not endorse or oppose any candidate or organization in connection with this or any other political campaign or election.



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