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RPI TV spent over three hours today in a lockdown situation. Despite the inability to move around campus, RPI TV assembled a team of reporters, camera operators, radio operators, and technicians who spent the day documenting many of the events that occurred on and nearby the RPI campus on April 6th, 2010.

Take a minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour look at the dangerous, exciting, flaming, and noisy events that transpired on this day.

Additional information about the Troy Armed Robbery, the RPI Alert system, the CII Electrical Fire, and the RPI campus lockdown can be found on our News Aggregator page.



Name Role
154 Tiffany Milano ... Editor
Ph_tiny Nick Milano ... Correspondent
168 Reilly Hamilton ... News Aggregator
1113 Andrew Armenia ... Camera Operator
293 Charlie Emala ... Camera Operator
387 Ryan Kemper ... Camera Operator
156 Brian Michalski ... Camera Operator
154 Tiffany Milano ... Camera Operator
164 Andrew Tamoney ... Camera Operator
264 Kenley Cheung ... Production Assistant
157 Jonathan Goldszmidt ... Production Assistant
277 Alexandra Niaura ... Production Assistant
266 Zach Rowe ... Production Assistant
389 Michael Zwack ... Production Assistant