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RPI TV in association with WRPI presents Wednesday Night Live featuring Sugar Red Drive, a Poughkeepsie based rock band. According to their website,, their tracks are "an energized feast of blaring, infectious rock and earnest, sincere songcraft." Filled with power and energy throughout the entire show, this performance can't be missed!

Setlist: 1. Wicked Sister
2. Overdrive
3. Velvet Leash
4. Grace
5. One More Time
6. Liar
7. Miller's Daughter
8. In My Head
9. Somebody Else
10. Red Machine
11. Comin' Down



Name Role
266 Zach Rowe ... Camera Operator
168 Reilly Hamilton ... Camera Operator
187 Mike DiTore ... Producer
150 Kyle Mackenzie ... Assistant to the Producer
168 Reilly Hamilton ... Producer