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The GM Week Committee & RPI Ballroom present 2011 Dancing with the RPI Stars, a spectacle of ballroom dance routines pairing favorite faculty/staff (the "Stars") with student dancers from RPI Ballroom (the "Pros"), based on the hit reality television show Dancing with the Stars.

Hosts: Michael Zwack and Katie Alexandridis Judges: Jean Purtell, Geoff Seber, Jennifer Volpe

Performers: * Ash Kapila (Professor, Mathematics) & Jennifer Lippens * Bram van Heuveln (Professor, Cognitive Science) & Ali Kennicutt * Christina Lowery (ResLife) & Jon Botts * Heidi Newberg (Professor, Physics) & Jed Williams * Sanmay Das (Professor, Computer Science) & Nicole Pich



Name Role
160 James Petranik ... Producer
1113 Andrew Armenia ... Director
389 Michael Zwack ... Television Personality
505 Ben Vreeland ... Camera Operator
534 Brett Saito ... Camera Operator
264 Kenley Cheung ... Camera Operator
168 Reilly Hamilton ... Production Assistant
150 Kyle Mackenzie ... Streaming Technician