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RPI TV is assembling a team to cover and document the impact that a nearby robbery is having on campus life. Here are some local media reports and other links: Times Union Troy Record - Twitter WRGB WNYT YNN W2SZ Twitter RPI Public Safety Release Per the Times Union, the robbery took place at 8:15 AM at Regina Check Cashing and Financial Services on Hoosick St. Subject is described as being 5'8" 170-180lbs black male in his mid 20s with an open scrape on his face wearing a black hoodie and black pants and carrying a black bag. Content of first RPI Alert (9:31 AM): "This is an RPIAlert An armed robbery occurred on Hoosic St. The perpetrator reported near ECAV/LINAC. All should shelter-in-place, that is go indoors, lock windows & doors. An all clear will be sent via RPIAlert when the situation is deemed safe" Content of second RPI Alert (11:04 AM): "This is an RPIAlert. The armed perpetrator remains at-large. Campus-wide lock-down remains in effect. All campus buildings are secured. Shelter-in-place remains in effect. An all clear will be sent via RPIAlert when the situation is deemed safe" Content of thrid RPI Alert (11:58 AM): "This is an RPIAlert. This is an update of our campus wide emergency alert. The lockdown remains in effect and the armed suspect remains at large. Further updates will be provided." AllOverAlbany is indicating that the suspect was last seen near the water tower on Tibbits St. Google Maps. Several RPI students reported gunfire at Peoples and Burdett at around 9:50 AM. Official word from the mayor of Troy is there was no gunfire. Campus PA system reporting a "dangerous situation" and a "major emergency" on campus at 10:57 AM. Via W2SZ at 10:57 AM: "per TPD they are working on cancelling the alert. stay in place for now." Via TroyMayor at 11:01 AM: "There will be some discussion with RPI about frequency,volume and content of their alert system message." Now hearing reports of a Fire Alarm in the CII. Six vehicles called, "TFD BOX ALARM CII Building. Responding units: Engines 2,4,6, Truck 2, Rescue Squad, Car 4." - via W2SZ 11:11 AM. "sounds like a small electrical fire in the lab, which has been extinguished". Students who were in the CII are to be moved to the Student Union, 11:16 AM. Fire started in room 8118. Firetrucks departing at 11:47 AM. According to eyewitness accounts, a 3D printer caught fire when a fan failed and a heating element overheated. Via TroyMayor at 11:32 AM: "No shots were fired. No confirmed sighting on campus. City did not declare campus emergency. Many calls from citizens about alert message" Some RPIAlert PA system fail at about 11:39, looks like someone pressed the button then left the mic on... Some strange noises are being amplified across Troy. Via W2SZ at 11:42 AM: "Per radio traffic TPD appears confused as to why RPI is still on lockdown. Apparently they have asked when the alerts will stop." Students have been reminded via email to stay in their rooms by ResLife at 11:46 AM. According to WNYT, K-9 units tracked the suspect to a parking lot near the Field House where they found tire tracks. TPD still asking RPI to stop the alerts as they believe the subject has fled the area - 12:01 PM. Classes cancelled for the rest of the day - via RPIGM, 12:18 PM Police press conference scheduled for 1:00 PM, RPI remains in lockdown pending upcoming announcement. - 11:41 PM Class will resume at 2:00 PM - via RPI GM - 12:43 PM. Public Safety is letting folks leave buildings (via W2SZ). Final RPI Alert notice going out, air raid sirens used for what should be the last time today. Classes resume at 2:00, lockdown over. 12:49 PM TPD says the subject never entered the RPI campus. There were several false reports of suspicious individuals on the academic portion of the RPI campus that were investigated and cleared. Last Updated - 2:50 PM.

For more information, please contact Reilly Hamilton.